About Us
Participate in the development of capable, authentic people who are determined to actively pursue their personal well-being and that of others.

Being a humanist, multicultural and high performance school.

Respect, honesty, commitment and reponsibility.

Compass Program
Our learning and teaching is based on our Compass Program.
The Compass Program is our shared belief and solid foundation that guides our students education to prepare them for a lifelong learning and to develop a strong national identity and sense of service.

+ We are focused on developing our students as a whole: socially, intellectually and physically to help them reach their full potential.

+ We inspire our students to develop and embrace the use of communication and digital, thinking and innovation, environment and global awareness and personal and social competencies across their subjects and each levels.

+ We innovate and create a safe, engaging, challenging and differentiated learning environment and community through an everyday practice of real-world situations in their schooling to prepare them for the demands and the continuing changes of the world.

Our Compass program is rooted by a strong set of values and discipline connected with students, teachers, parents, community and the world.


Our History
The American School of Saltillo

Our school was opened with a total of 120 students for Kindergarten to 1st grade level. We were the only school at that time as a bilingual education.
Our school registered as a member of ASOMEX (Association of American Schools in Mexico).

First 6th graders graduation that finished Elementary school. Middle / Junior high school was created.
Pre-kinder was opened with a group of 20 students, from 8 months old to 2 years old. Three years later (1990) due to the demand of this level we opened 3 more groups.

Our school was growing.
We had a total of 800 students from Nursery to 9th grade.
Celebrated our 25th Anniversary.
Also, we received an award on ISO 9001-2000 quality certification. This allowed us to stand out as the only bilingual school in Mexico.

We inaugurated our soccer field, one of the best in the city because of its specific technological characteristics. This has allowed us to increase and improve athletic practice in our students.

We opened a computer lab for the upper basic level, which also has an auditorium that is used for institution events such as conferences, meetings, exhibitions, training, and more.
Celebrated our 30th anniversary.
We built a hemicycle to provide a space for creativity, music and drama events Within the year, three more groups were open for middle school level.

First time our school hosts the ASOMEX SOCCER TOURNAMENT.
During this year, our school began its work with a new institutional philosophy, seeking to become a humanistic, multicultural and a higher academic school of the city.
Celebrated our 35th Anniversary.

Our school joins Sendica Education Schools.

Accreditations and Associations

The American School of Saltillo, seeking to valídate our high-level education, is certified by diverse associations that dedicate their efforts to continuous improvement in education.  We also belong to different groups that share ideas, programs, resources, etc. in order to always be at the forefront of their areas.

The SEP’s purpose is to create conditions that ensure the access of all Mexicans to quality education in the levels and formats in the areas that require it.

This association was founded in 1957, a pioneer in the field.  The main purpose of the ASOMEX is to support the members in their needs in order to achieve a better level of education, so, each year, the schools belonging to the association participate in activities such as tournaments, workshops for teachers and students, UN simulations and academic competitions. 

This association provides ample communication in relation to educational, academic and administrative aspects among its associates.

Serves and strengthens its members and associations by expressing and promoting high standards of educational quality and ethical behavior, working to preserve independence to serve a democratic society from which this independence is derived and defending ample access of students in order to confirm the principles of equality and justice.

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