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The COLAM School is firmly established as one of the leading educational institutions of Preschool, Elementary, Middle School and High School in Saltillo City, Mexico.
Our School Levels

Toddlers, PreNursery, Nursery,
PreKinder, Kinder

The Preschool curriculum is based on a combination of programs from the Department of Education and Creative Curriculum, which focuses on the development of the whole child. It is divided into four areas: social-emotional, cognitive, language and physical.

From 1st grade
until 5th grade

We teach Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, ICT, Art, Music, PE, Spanish and German through an active learning system where children work in rotations, hands-on exploration, project approach and a variety of small and whole group activities that develop critical and creative thinking.

Middle School
From 6th grade
until 8th grade

Our students are prepared to continue learning in a world of constant change. They are citizens with well-established values ​​and emotionally-intelligent , creative and innovative skills.

High School
From 9th grade
until 12th grade

Multicultural Campus 100% ( English , Spanish,German ) . We offer the best education through a learning community, highest standards of academic excellence and is customized by your interests and skills, while developing a strong national identity and an international perspective which will allowed you to be on the best universities.

Our Admissions Process
Submit an application to start
the admissions process
1. Application
Complete an online application so we can get to know your child and family

Online Application

2. Parent Interview and tour
You will meet with our admissions staff one-on-one. If you can’t meet in person, we can send a presentation

3. Student evaluation exam
Our psychologist will evaluate your child(ren) with the MAP test (Measure of Academic Progress)

4. Admissions decision notification
An American School Of Saltillo representative will call to inform you of the admission decision.

5. Parent enrollment agreement
Sign, submit small portion of the tuition payment.. and get excited!
School Calendar
2016 - 2017

Noviembre 02 y 03
Official start of school year
Noviembre 04
Mitos, Cuentos y Leyendas
Noviembre 18
Reading Day
Noviembre 21
Mexican Revolution Day (No Classes)
Octubre 29 al diciembre 02
International Week
January 09
Back to School
January 23 - 27
Interviews with Kindergarten Parents
February 03
Professional Development (No Classes)
February 06
Mexican Constitution Day (No Classes)
February 9 to 13
Valentine’s Sale by SC Comitte HS
March 1 - 2
Spelling Bee Finals
March 6 - 10
Preschool Public Classes
March 20
Benito Juárez Day (No Classes)
March 21
Spring Parade in Preschool
April 08
Spring Break Starts
April 24
Back to School
May 01
Labor Day (No Classes)
May 12
Teacher’s Day Celebration (Early Dissmisal)
May 15
Teacher’s Day (No Classes)
May 31
Last Day for HS
June 07
High School Graduation
June 23
Summer Break Starts
Annual Tuition

Our mission is to help
each child reach their
full potential.
Tuition includes
School Year 2016 - 2017

COLAM School’s tuition covers experienced teachers, co-curricular specialists, a personalized learning plan for each and every child, and an opportunity for parents to work in partnership with educators to shape the student experience. Tuition is based on a 10-month schedule and is billed monthly. Tuition assistance is available.
Personalized learning experience for each child powered by COLAM School
• Rigorous curriculum resources
• Standardized assessment
• Culture and language exploration
• Use of iPads and Macbooks during class
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
$ 3,555.00 MXN
$ 4,050.00 MXN
$ 4,465.00 MXN
$ 5,585.00 MXN
$ 6,550.00 MXN
$ 9,815.00 MXN

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